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The primary group for serious study of ancient sacred magic and the system of the Magic Society of the White Flame. This forum features in-depth study and conversation on classical magic of the Divine Light. Magick, Occult, Jinn, Geomancy, Qabalah, Cabala, Chaldean, Hermetic, and Practical Magick of Light. Self Empowerment. The Tradition. Current groups and Temples. KEY WORDS: Historic Middle Eastern Magic, Ritual Magic, Magical Implements, Skrying in the Spirit Vision, Initiation, Astrology, Rouhaniat, Ikhwan al-Sifah, Alchemy, Qabalah, Banishings, Invocations, Chaldean rites, Shield of the Magi Ritual, Jinn Magic, Planetary Invocation, Spiritual initiations, Tahateel Names, Ahmed al-Buni, Tankalosha, Asef Ben Barkhia, Djinn, Genie, Holy Guardian Angel, Melchizedek, Metatron, Berhatiah, Jaljalutiah, Awfaq, Talismans, Ishtar, Inanna, Wicca, Wiccan, Judaism, Jewish mysticism, polytheism, monotheism, pantheism, gods, goddesses, Mary Magdalene, Babylonian Mysteries, Tamuuzi, Marduk, Paganism, Wicca, Wiccan, witchcraft, high magic, mysteries, ancient religions, spirituality, mysticism, Pagan, tree of life, hiera gamos, ritual magic, priest, priestess, oracles, ceremonial magicians, and ceremonial magic. Connect with us on Yahoo Groups

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Pour some hot cider and join us as we gather round the fire to hear tales of magic and mystery. Sacred Magic is one of the most profound of spiritual paths. The teachings of the ancient sages have been a key edifice of the spirituality of multiple civilizations ranging from the cradle of the world to the far cities of America. Jewels of this glorious treasure were instrumental to the creation of modern Mystery Schools like the Golden Dawn. We will be exploring the original ancient knowledge through interviews with adepts of the ancient mysteries as well as educational and engrossing esoteric tales. We will be covering topic such as Guardian Angels, Angelic Contact, Sacred Magic, Elemental and Planetary Magic, Astrology, Tarot, Kabbalah (Qabalah), Hermetics, Numerology, Alchemy, Talismans, Angels, Initiation, Geomancy, Ancient Babylonian and Greek Mysteries, Genie Evocations, Healing, and Developing the Body of Light. We be going back to old roots and pulling on ancient knowledge that will revitalize your current understanding and shed light on the deeper wisdom of the sages. Connect with us on Blog Talk Radio

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