The Magic Society of The White Flame, Ancient and Sacred Magic

Welcome to the Ancient Mysteries of Illumination

Sacred white magic, the magic of Light, is the most powerful elixir of ascendance, mastery, and transformation sought by the wise and transmitted by the sages.

Here you will find educational content and resources provided to those seeking the wisdom left by the masters of our sacred craft through the ancient temples and mystery schools of the Near East.

Our society, the Magic Society of the White Flame, remains true to the principles of Light, Love, and Life. We provide the sincere seeker the opportunity to become part of a worldwide spiritual community that practices the effective magic of Light. In addition, we provide distant empowerment and selective initiation coupled with personalized 1-on-1 training for candidates who showcase exceptional dedication and hunger for the right hand path of magic.

Our society remains the only society that continues to bridge the gap between the magic of the master Magi of Sumer and Assyria, the Hebrew and Arabic spiritual sages, and the modern Western world.

If you seek the light of spiritual quickening; if you are sincere and want to learn advanced teachings of effective soul transformation and life empowerments; and if you seek community friendship with other sincere like-minded people from around the world, then the Magic Society of the White Flame is prepared to help you open the flood gates of radiance and climb the ladder of transcendence as far as your aspirations will take you.

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