Jan: Father of the Jinn

"And Jann We created before from scorching fire." Quran Surah al-Hijr verse 27

Jan is mentioned in the noble Quran as the prototype father of the Jinn. This is akin to the way Adam is mentioned as the first human being. There is almost nothing else mentioned of Jan in the lore.

The long range of the Jan is (3+1+50) 54. Fifty-four is reduced to nine. Nine is the basis from which we will work here. On an interesting aside, the long rand of Adam is (1-4-40) 45. You can see that Jan and Adam numerical digits are mirrors of each other as if they live in worlds that mirror each other. They both exist with nine as a basis to their number.

Jan has 13 servitors under his command. The number of servitors is confirmed magically and formed using the science of the letters. Each of these servitors has its own magic squares that will be useful in magical evocations.

These servitor names are key to other names are known as names of ascension. These names are like additional servitors of servitors and they act to create a vortex of power that moves in circular fashion. You can elevate the ascension names twenty-eight times, which is equivalent of the Mansions of the Moon. Considering one of those times leads you back exactly where you originated from in a loop, there are only twenty-seven new names.

Let's take Jan's name and loop it through the ascension process and you will see what I mean: Jaan (جان) – Dabes (دبس) – Haja‘ (ھجع) – Wadaf (ودف) – Zahoṣ (زھص) – Ḥūq (حوق) – Ṭozer (طزر) – Yaḥesh (یحش) – Koṭet (کطت) – Līth (لیث) – Makakh (مکخ) – Naloḏ (نلذ) – Samoḍ (سمض) – ‘enoẓ (عنظ) – Fasagh (فسغ) – Ṣo‘aa (صعا) – Qafeb (قفب) – Roṣej (رصج) – Shaqed (شقد) – Tareh (ترھ) – Theshū (ثشو) – Khetez (ختز) – Ḏotheḥ (ذثح) – Ḍokhoṭ (ضخط) – Ẓoḏī (ظذی) – Gheḍok (غضک) – Aẓol (اظل) – Baghem (بغم)

An evocation to Jan, the father of the Jan, is both an exciting and terrifying prospect. This is why we used the science of letters to begin with to form the conjuration. We wanted to be sure that no demonic names or anything unknown. Everything was based on formulas and forms tested and tried and used both in Arabic and Hebrew schools of thoughts.

Short Evocation to Jan: I call you O Jan from Mountain Qaf. I call you O father of the Jinn. I call you O most ancient of your race. I call you by the names of power Ajlaam Nū’jekhaar (اجلام نؤجخار)[x3], Ajlaa’ Nūjel (اجلاأ نوجل)[x3], Ajlaaa Nekhjer ( اجلاآ نخجر)[x3], Ajlaaoẓ Naajhaar (اجلاظ ناجهار)[x3], Ajlaab Naajoṭaan ( اجلاب ناجطان)[x3], Ajlaaw Naajelaaī (اجلاو ناجلاي)[x3], Ajlaam Netje‘aa Anel (اجلام نتجعا انل)[x3], Ajlaab Ner ( اجلاب نر)[x3], Ajlaat Nūjaa’aab (اجلات نوجااب)[x3], and Ajlaam Nenjetaa Qenem (اجلام ننجتا قنم)[x3].

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